Not a Writer? Tips & Tricks to Help You Create Powerful Content

Building a Content Creation Habit to Stay in Communication with Your Target Audience.

Charles Brodeur


April 30, 2020 – 4 min read

Blank Page Syndrome, Writer’s Block, whatever you want to call the plague that hits you when you sit down to start writing and nothing comes out, we all know the struggle is real. Even the great Stephen King once said, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

On another note, the way we consume content is constantly changing. With the option of listening to or watching content over actually reading it, there are so many more options available for getting your message out to customers and new leads.

The truth is, communication is key!

This doesn’t just apply in your personal relationships, it’s true for your businesses relationships too. Creating fresh content for your customers is a great way to build rapport. Be clear, be honest, but most of all, be true to your organization’s messaging framework.

Still not sure how to start putting pen to paper? Here are some steps we learned from a colleague for getting a content creation habit started:

Set an intention for your content

As a profitable business, you don’t want to write just for the sake of writing. Make sure your message has a purpose. Your content doesn’t always have to be sales-oriented to create revenue either, but it should have a focused goal.

Create a list of topic ideas

Then, before you even try to create your content piece, list out a bunch of topic ideas and then to narrow in on the theme or overall message. Depending on the channel you’re posting to, here are a few categories to get the ball rolling. Make a bulleted list under each category:

  • Educational content that your audience would benefit from
  • On or offline resources that would benefit your audience
  • Complimentary industry leaders to interview
  • Most frequently asked questions from customers

Talk out your content

Like I mentioned before, there are so many ways to consume content, that you don’t have to stick to just the power of the pen. Audio content can be used in many different ways, and can even give your SEO efforts a leg up too if used right.

Consider some of these tools for actually ‘talking out your content’ to get the creative juices flowing. The best part is, these nifty apps actually use artificial intelligence to create a written transcript of everything you say. Blank Screen Syndrome solved! 

These are our two favorite tools: (App & Desktop)

Whether you’re creating solo content or going for an interview piece, lets you record conversations from your phone or web browser, and now even integrates with Zoom (since you ALL know what that is now).  Download it from the App Store or Google Play, or use the desktop version to create an audio & written transcript of your content.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor (App)

The Voice Recorder app lets you take a finished piece of written content and turn it into a polished MP3 recording. This app is stored in the cloud so you can create unlimited recordings with the free app. Find it in the App Store.

Get Started!

  1. Choose a Blog Title or FAQ to start with
  2. Decide who will be speaking (you or an interview with another party)
  3. Organize your thoughts and write down a logical sequence of content to discuss
  4. Use App to record the blog post or answer to the FAQ
  5. Review the transcription in and edit the written content
  6. Share and save the written content as a blog article or FAQ answer
  7. Now, Re-read the final, edited transcript into Voice Recorder App (this will give you a polished audio recording without “ums” and “uhhs”)
  8. Save & share the Voice Recorder App MP3 file for publishing on website
    • Depending on the Website CMS you use, you may need to upload the Voice Recording MP3 to a hosted service like JW Player or SoundCloud to be able to embed it on your site.
  9. Rinse & Repeat

There are lots of systems, tips, and tricks out there for getting started writing, which is great! Because you’ll have lots of options to find one that works for you.

The important thing though, is that you are writing and communicating with your audience. What works for you will change over time, but find something that will help you get started today.

Happy content creating!

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