How Greer Spray Foam Doubled Conversions Using the Same Channels

Greer Spray Foam has been a leading insulation provider in British Columbia’s construction industry since opening their doors in 1997. With the next generation of ownership taking over, the company sought out Ollo Metrics for a revamp of their digital marketing and measurement strategies.


As a well-established professional insulation provider, Greer Spray Foam serves both residential and commercial projects all over BC. 

They are leaders in their industry when it comes to brand reputation and community and charity involvement. However, they wanted to revamp their digital marketing strategy in order to increase profitability and find new opportunities to drive more leads in.

Within the first full quarter of working together, the Ollo Metrics’ team decreased Cost Per Conversion by 67% and increased Total Conversions by 229%. We focused on bringing high-converting traffic to the website, increasing their total Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by 154%.


We solved this by…



Increase in ROAS


Decrease in Cost Per Conversion


Increase in Total Conversions


Increase in Click Through Rate

"Warren and his team at Ollo Metrics Ltd. have been an exceptional resource for all of our digital marketing requirements! They have certainly separated themselves from similar companies we have worked with in the past with a modern and dynamic approach coupled with a personal touch on customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to gain a higher level of exposure for their business or organization, their knowledge base in this field is second to none."

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