Live Event - Aligned Collective in Squamish, BC - Sept 19th @ 7pm

Crafting Your Message With Customer Insights

Learn more about who your customers are online, what they search for, how you can help them find you, and what to say once they do.

$15 event. All proceeds support the Sea to Sky BC SPCA.

This event has passed, but we’d be happy to present this again! Please contact us if this topic suits your next corporate event, conference, or team training.


Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson

Co-Founder @ Ollo Metrics

 Warren is a marketing veteran with 11+ years experience. He offers a unique perspective by bridging his experience as a marketing director with his digital agency owner chops. When he not working with Ollo Metrics clients, Warren teaches digital marketing classes and workshops at BrainStation in Vancouver, BC. What he enjoys most about teaching is simplifying the complexities of online marketing to make it relatable and understandable to everyone.

Mike Skrypnek - Business Coach

Mike Skrypnek

Founder/CEO @ Grow, Get, Give Coaching

Mike is an accomplished seven time author and recognized as Canada’s leading authority and business coach for entrepreneurial and personal growth. Showing people how to get freedom for their lives and families and helping families give back to their community and the causes that matter most to them. Mike is a master of the message and helps entrepreneurs and business leaders communicate more effectively through one-on-one coaching, Mastermind groups and his monthly Speak2Sell sessions.

What You'll Learn:

  • 3 free methods of using data you already have to learn more about your customers
  • How to uncover your rockstars: The products, services, and people that drive new business
  • How to avoid a mistake that most businesses make when naming your products and services
  • How to craft a message that connects with your target audience

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