Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing training for business owners, CMOs and marketing teams. Learn digital marketing strategies, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Analytics and more in 1-on-1 screen share sessions with experienced instructors. Training sessions follow a lesson + lab structure to give learners an ideal mix of new concept introduction and hands-on application.

Empower Your Company with Digital Marketing Skills

The old model of outsourcing your advertising to an agency and trusting that things will work out is gone. Now, with the interconnected nature of technology, your customers have hundreds of different ways of discovering your brand online. As a business owner or brand marketer, playing an active role in that online experience is essential for ensuring that your message is accurate and speaks to the right person at the right time.

This shift in marketing is why our team at Ollo Metrics places a strong emphasis on empowering our clients with marketing knowledge in our Digital Marketing Training Labs so that, together, we can collaboratively make better decisions and build more effective campaigns. Then, depending on your internal capacity, we handle the technical implementation and specialized platforms that your team doesn’t regularly work with.

Create a Growth-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create and implement a growth-driven digital marketing strategy to consistently bring new, qualified traffic to your website and convert them into leads or customers.

Implement Effective Search & Social Campaigns

Use micro-experiments to save loads of time and money with search and social marketing on platforms such as Google, Youtube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Define & Measure Key Performance Indicators

Learn fundamental marketing math. Then use Key Performance Indicators and measurement techniques to build data that you can trust and make critical business decisions upon.

Work Within Your Own Accounts

Learn Google Ads
Learn Google Analytics
Learn Bing Ads
Learn Facebook Ads
Learn Instagram Ads
Learn Mailchimp

What You'll Learn

Analytics Services

Marketing Math & Analytics

Learn the metrics and reports to use to make high-level marketing decisions and stay focused on performance.

Services CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization

Understand how to improve the conversion rate of your website to make your campaigns more effective

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Learn SEO and pay-per-click advertising and how the two work together to drive qualified traffic to your site.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Apply digital strategies, messaging, and testing frameworks to create a predictable marketing machine.


Marketing Automation

Use marketing automate to offload time-consuming tasks and free yourself up to work on higher-value projects.

Services Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media is now primarily a pay-to-play game. Learn the fundamentals of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads.

Who is This For?

CMO / Director

You’re a seasoned marketing professional with years of experience, but you want to build a more tactical understanding of new digital marketing techniques so that you can apply them to your higher-level strategies.

Business Owner

Your a savvy business owner who is an expert in your field, but wants to better understand digital marketing to reach a larger audience online and build a consistent and scalable marketing model for your business.

Client-Side Marketer

You’re a client-side marketer looking for an external coach to level-up your skills, give you more authority in your position, and help you implement new, effective digital marketing strategies and techniques.

1-on-1 Lab Training Environment

Digital Marketing Training 1-on-1

Digital marketing training follows a 60 min lesson + lab structure using video conference. You and/or your team will meet with your instructor on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Sessions will start with a short 15-20 digital marketing lesson followed by a 40-45 minute lab to get hands-on experience implemented the lesson using your digital assets. 

Your Instructors

Warren Thompson - Ollo Metrics Managing Director

Warren Thompson

Director of Marketing

Warren has 11+ years of experience working as a client-side marketer. In his last role, as Director of Marketing & Events, he built a cross-functional marketing team of seven while achieving a 137% increase in YOY e-commerce revenue growth in 2017. When he’s not working with Ollo Metrics clients he teaches digital marketing workshops and classes at BrainStation and Small Business BC in Vancouver, BC.

Charles Brodeur

Charles Brodeur

Director of Analytics

Charles is a numbers guy! He has an extensive background in digital marketing, analytics, and e-commerce. He has owned and operated numerous businesses in professional services, manufacturing, and logistics. His keen understanding of marketing and business analytics make him an invaluable resource for business owners and marketers that are looking to build systems for measurement and predictable growth. 

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